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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Adventures In Comet and Multipart Mime

The Dojo <a href="">Bayeux</a> client implements a bunch of different "transports" and tries to pick the right one based on what the browser can support, the cross-domain requirements, and so forth. What follows is one of those stories that makes people assume that I'm crazy to do what I do for a living. They might be right.

Belated JavaPolis Roundup

The Extra Click Syndrome

Including Dojo, The Really Easy Way

Viva La Sloth!

The Virtual Life: IE At Arms Length

If you're trying to do professional web development and you're running multiple versions of IE with one of the various hacks that's been making the rounds, it's going to bite you in the ass eventually. Here's a rundown of my toolchain and why virtualization is the only thing professionals should be using.

The Platform Strategy

Sun looks set to squander its platform win. But it's not a done deal just yet.

"Mobile Ajax" Slides

On The Shoulders of Giants

In Defense of "Use"

SoC successes



On why Foo Camp really is all that.

CRM 114 on OS X

Reason #39 That Nothing Gets Written For Phones (Yet)

I've just spent the last 4 hours wrangling Nokia's S60 and Microsoft's WinCE...erm...PocketPC...uh...Windows Mobile emulators into compliance. What have I learned? That not only do the carriers hate your guts, so do their tool vendors.

Something's Always Wrong

Sweet, Blessed Bandwidth

Cometd, Bayeux, and Why They're Different


Mea Culpa


SitePen Gets A Blog

Getting Past "Wiki"

Cross Domain Comet

Cross-domain request-response via JSONP is pretty well understood these days. Well, at least among the 10 people who care. With Cometd we're taking it one level further.

Cometd: The Long Tail of Bad Puns



Phobos builds available


...since sliced bread

Firebug: now, more than ever, like crack

And So It Begins



Bees is gonna be pissed

I'm ordering this book...right....NOW

Conference Season!

The deluge is starting. Duck!


It's about the apps. Duh. But when the web is the platform, "cross platform" means "cross browser". ajaxWrite misses the point. By a country mile.

Fast DOM Queries in Today's Browsers

Those loveable finks

Conference Wrap Up

Comet Talk at ETech

ETech Ajax Tutorial Slides

Comet: Low Latency Data for the Browser

Back when I did security for a living, one of the hard problems that I was introduced to was that of taxonomy for describing difficult technical issues. Common language allows us to quickly talk about things and in the best case can improve accuracy in discussions. Obviously that's just best case. We need a common description for low-latency data transfer. I propose "Comet".

So awesome.

Back from FOSDEM...into the frying pan!


Apple is just toying with me

Is JavaScript the most successful scripting language ever?

I suck at writing slugs. Regardless, I prattle on. So here's food for thought: on what measurement scale is JavaScript *not* the most successful scripting language of all time?

Updated DHTML Universe Map

What else is burried down in the depth's of Google's amazing JavaScript?

OSCON '06 JavaScript/Ajax Track

How IE7 Can Avoid Irrelevance

Amongst professional DHTML developers, the phrase "IE7" tends to draw more eye-rolls and quiet swearing than anticipation or excitement. Here's a short list of hard problems the IE 7 team will need to solve in order to stem IE's perception as the new boat-anchor browser.

JavaScript Idioms Every Webdev Should Grok

There is a strange zen of javascript...but it all distills down to a couple core concepts.


Tracker Beta!

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