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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

A Management Maturity Model for Performance

Despite advances in browser tooling, automated evaluation, lab tools, guidance, and runtimes, modern teams struggle to deliver even decent performance with today's popular frameworks. This is not a technical problem per se. It's a management issue, and one that teams can conquer with the right frame of mind and support.

Cache and Prizes

The idea of the browser pre-caching heavily used JS libraries is an attractive nuisance: looks good, probably won't work. Is there a workable version this idea? What would the constraints on it be? Could it ever be effective and fair? Down the rabbit hole we go.

Towards a Unified Theory of Web Performance

Is there a generic, unform way to think about web performance? What is web performance? What's it for? A humble attempt to answer those very deep questions. [republished]

Minimum Standards for iOS Browser Competition

Apple has demonstrated shameless contempt in ignoring the spirit of pro-competition regulation. The web could serve as a counterbalance to this sort of gameplaying, but only if broad, effective, and widely adopted rules are put in place.

A Week to Define the Web for Decades

Washed Up

Even if every technology jockeying for a spot under the 'web3' banner evolves beyond proof-of-work blockchains, these systems will still not be part of the web because they designed not to be. 'web3' ain't the web, and VCs talking their own book don't get the last word, no matter how much dirty money they throw at it.