I was supposed to give a talk in Amsterdam yesterday, but as the airlines would have it, there was no such luck.

I got as far as Houston in my trans-continental journey before being stymied by aggregated air travel stupidity. Luckily, Andy Smith of Flock fame stepped into the breech and gave the talk in my place.

The talk was written out ahead of time and Andy can read better than I ever could, so I assume it went as well as possible. At least he didn’t report any sharp objects being thrown at him afterward.

The text of the talk is here.

I’m also speaking tomorrow at JavaOne. Here’s to hoping that defending JavaScript as a “real language” won’t get me booted from the premises.

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  1. Posted May 19, 2006 at 5:27 am | Permalink

    The text from talks and the slides are great. They are the only up-to-date documentation on Dojo I have found. Perhaps you guys should put it all together in one of the documentation sites you have up (three seems a bit scattered). Hell, just copy and paste from the slides would be a good start. I think the scattered sparse nature of the doco is slowing down community uptake.

    I guess your on the road at the moment, but I think if you did it well, a good set of docs could be used directly in presentations. I mean, why should they be separate content since they are both trying to achieve the same thing: teaching and selling Dojo.