Mea Culpa

The tone of my last post was entirely out of order. There’s a serious UX issue at hand and my writing did nothing to bring that discussion to the fore. I hope Jason will accept my apology.


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    Hi Alex,You may be intrigued by this quote, and it’s one that’s stuck in my mind for sometime, and is the key reason why my wiki & blog engines BOTH use dojo-toolkit for wysiwyg editing (I use a PyQT based editor for wysiwyg editting on localhost):The fact is, people are strange, yes even you

    For instance, writing text
    Writing with a pen and paper, people produce less text, but of higher
    Writing with a computer, people write more text, but
    with a text editor they produce lower qualitywith a WYSIWYG editor they produce higher quality
    … This is from Steven Pemberton’s keynote talk at Europython last year.Now, I don’t know Steven’s sources, however, I DO trust that he had sensible, verifiable sources.I, like many others, assumed that all you need is a text editor and that’s it. However a couple of years ago I changed my assumption of “plain text” over to “light HTML” (the kind of thing PyQT’s rich text editor widget supports, and more recently your excellent toolkit).And yes, it’s changed my writing (and thanks for allowing me to migrate this to my wiki & blog engines by releasing Dojo :)BTW, I suspect that part of the over-reaction is just cultural. After all, saying someone is “full of shit” in the UK, whilst a bit OTT, isn’t as heinous here as it is in (say) the US. It might be the same language, but let’s face it, could you take a fanny pack seriously ? :-)

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    Oh, sorry, forgot to include the link to Steven’s talk: appears to have gone a bit wierd between entering here and posting though on the original post…

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