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Back from FOSDEM...into the frying pan!

Back from Belgium, none the worse for the wear. Not that there was much in the way of wear. The organizers of FOSDEM did a bang-up job. Jennifer and I spent our extra day in Brugge where we had the occasion to eat Kangaroo. So yeah, it was a great trip and a neat conference. The energy of a thousand hackers who are changing the world all in one place is a bit addictive. It's enough to convince you that this whole Open Source thing might not just be a lark after all.

Upon hitting the ground last night, I was back into the bug queue (which never seems to get shorter). Given that I've got less than a week to get a small mountain of work done before ETech, it's imperative that I avoid downtime. It was with some trepidation then that I hooked up the firewire cable between the trusty PowerBook and the brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro.

The PowerBook was my first mac, and so I hadn't tried this kind of migration before. Given how much trouble I'd had with 3rd party software between OS revs, I was fully expecting to need to wipe the new box clean when the transfer inevitably went awry in some unforseen way. To my delight and surprise, the thing booted up 3 hours (and 65 gig) later without so much as a hiccup. Even KMail works via rosetta.

I'll spare you the "no, really, it's faster" and "here are some more identical pictures of the unboxing, only with different, but still badly lit and slightly dumpy, background scenery" type details. I am happy that it appears to be working out and with less fuss than anticipated.

Great engineering really can make you smile.