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OSCON '06 JavaScript/Ajax Track

These are exciting times for JavaScript. Just a couple of years ago, what community was left around JavaScript and DHTML was dying. No one who was seriously interested in doing development with the language back then could have imagined that JavaScript and the yet-to-be-named Ajax would have it's own track at OSCON, but that's exactly what's happened. I'm happy to announce that Elaine Wherry of Meebo and I are co-chairing a JavaScript and Ajax track at OSCON 2006.

While the Call for Participation page doesn't yet include our track as one of the options, time is short for getting talks in (just over 2 weeks at this point). If you've been itching to talk about something JavaScript, DHTML, or Ajax related, please go fill out the CFP form and mention that it's for the JS/Ajax track. Obviously, we can't guarantee that your talk will be accepted by the committee, but there's nothing to lose and you can propose multiple talks.

If you're one of those folks who has scads of DHTML/JavaScript experience and just isn't sure what to propose a talk on, just send me mail and we can discuss what topics might be better than others.

Good luck, and see you at OSCON '06!