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Tracker Beta!

My work on Dojo isn't solely the product of a gigantic sleep deficit. Were it not for the generous support of JotSpot, the application platform cleverly disguised as a wiki, I think Dojo might not be a reality today.

Jot's support has been massive and prolonged, and over the past year we've built multiple features and products on top of the wiki platform that use Dojo in some way. This past monday we took the wraps off of our most heavily Dojo-based product yet: Tracker, a tool for doing lightweight list-like collaboration on the web. Think of each line in a Tracker "spreadsheet" as a wiki page which you can allow anyone to edit and attach things like images and files to. Spreadsheet++, if you will.

As the word "Beta" implies, we know there are a lot of the sharp edges and are working hard on getting them rounded off for you, but please do give it a try. If it doesn't keep you from firing up another instance of Excel for tracking a small list of things, we'd love to know why.