Conference Season!

Been bitten by Dojo bugs or have feature requests? Going to a conference any time in the next month or so? Odds are you’ll be able to get your very own pound of flesh. The rundown:

  • AjaxSeminar (yesterday): Ok, so not really helpful…but it did happen! And no, I don’t have the talk text cleaned up sufficiently that I feel comfortable posting it yet…but I promise I will soon.
  • The Ajax Experience (May 10-12): This one is a doozy. I’m signed up to blither on for 3 full hours. If you can’t get your Dojo question answered in that time, then something is seriously wrong. Also, tons of other Dojo contributors and users will be presenting. One of the tracks is very nearly “Dojo all the time”. Super rad.
  • Dojo Developer Day (May 13th): This is our first foray, aside from the various “dojo.dinner”s, at getting everyone in one room to discuss, hack, and otherwise move Dojo forward. Big props to AOL for generously donating a facility and food. It wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t stepped up on short notice.
  • XTech Ajax Day (May 16th): Ajax in Amsterdam….w00t! Also, don’t miss the scheduled Bar Camp happening directly after the conference. A good hack should be had by all.
  • JavaOne (our talk on the 18th): I’d love to link to the details of the presentation I’ll be giving with Greg Murray, but the JavaOne website is so nearly useless as to make me wonder if they actually paid people to put it together…I think I know someplace they could get a kickass Wiki instead…
  • USENIX 2006 (May 31st): This one will be an all-day tutorial covering responsive webapp technologies, soup-to-nuts. Not the traditional venue for this kind of stuff, so I’ll be very interested to see if and/or how it goes over.

That people keep asking us to talk about Dojo and are using it to build truly awesome apps is humbling. I always learn so much by talking to people at conferences, and I’m looking forward to doing that a lot in the next month.

See you there, wherever “there” may be!

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  1. John Christopher
    Posted April 26, 2006 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    I really look forward to attending the “Dojo track” at the AJAX Experience. I will be working on using Dojo in a jetspeed portal environment in the near future and I need all the help I can get :)