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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

File Upload...without the file?

experiment: drop shadows for Safari


File uploading with Dojo

So you want to use Ajax to upload a file...

Why I expect so little of IE 7...and nothing beyond that

Now where'd I put that reference?

another reason to use Dojo: dojo.string.Builder

Semantically right, practially wrong

What's Possible

web two point....oh shit

so why *do* I bother?

the end of launch parties?

*much* better

in which a co-worker make my life much, much better

rethinking my tagging flame

so I was wrong, but not for the reasons I expected to be

shaming "Web 2.0" into utility

today I noticed a quote from Jeff Bezos on the Web 2.0 Conference website, and it summed up everything that's wrong with the engineering effort going into a the new services that every geek seems to love.

for unix haters?

...and if only Google can read your IMs...

Google Talk requires SSL to connect to Google's XMPP servers, why then isn't OTR rolled in?

Safari 2.0.1

Dojo 0.1 is out!

new box


dojo, impending!


What's Missing in Deer Park

Can we stop aping bad APIs badly now? Please?

Toward server-sent data w/o iframes

...but I'm not sure if it matters

Misc., etc.

back from OSCON, tons to do


Portland: a city I think I could like. A lot.

No rest for the unprepared

The Tyranny of Validation

What people do care about is whether or not your stuff works for <em>them</em>. Validating your markup isn't getting you any closer to that.

taking this show on the road

JS everywhere

something's coming even quacks like an application...

measuring project size

soooooo tired

10.4 and the 2-day compile


everything looks better on linux


zip zip, zing zing!


that Tiger DVD is taunting me

Safari and KHTML

a small story about Java


begone, vile spam!

on box models

throwing in the towel

wither blogger?

on paranoia

back, and stuff

dojo browserio profile package and article

Jennifer blogs!

sooooooo geeky

in defense of the "back" button





but HOW will the tools save us?


kbd update

you can take your vectors and...

what the world needs now is....

new toys

xmodmap....ahhh....that's better

Dojo, Opera, and Jot


jot blog

dojo dinner

to lobbying, comrades!

new year, new places

so much to post, so little drive to post any of it

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