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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

something's coming

People ask me a lot "so, is there anyone using Dojo to build applications?" and I say "yes". They then ask "who?" and I start looking at my feet and muttering, hoping they think they misheard me and will therefore not press the issue.

Well, I can almost stop muttering and mumbling. It's coming. I can't really say what "it" is, or who is making "it", or even when you'll be able to play with "it" for your very own self. But it's coming, and I cant wait to start showing demos and talking about it ad-nauseum ('cause you know I will).

But boy oh boy is it cool. It warms the cockles of my geeky-but-user-centered heart just thinking of it.

Soon! I promise! Soon!