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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Census 2: More Than Just A Pretty Graph

Numbers without context are lies waiting to be repeated.

Notes To A Future Self: Getting Productive On WinXP

Joining Google

Journey To The Center Of Prop 8

The proponents of Prop 8 have argued weakly. They deserve to loose. Is Up!

Why Are We Even Having This Discussion?

Greg On Licensing

delegate(), delegate(), delegate()

"Action Oriented Programming"

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Matthew Russell Keeps The Good Stuff Coming

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Thank Goodness...

The Appalling State of Tech Journalism: Reflected in the Chrome

The Importance Of Chrome

Dojo's Query System: No, Really, It's That Fast

Name Soup

Harmony Fallout

Lets end the silly meme that "Adobe lost" or that "Microsoft won". The game has hardly begun and it won't be settled in a standards body anyway.

Thoughts on Harmony

Chandler 1.0!

CSS Variables Are The Future


A Little Perspective

The Price of Anonymity: Our Principles?

Updates from Portland


Only 2 More Days!

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Dojo Developer Day Boston, Sept. 28-29

Power vs. Authority

Standards bodies are animated only by the needs of industry to reduce costs by forcing vendors to agree on things...In this context, then, the W3C's only effective function is to drive consensus when visions for how to go forward diverge or lead down proprietary ratholes. Asking the W3C for more is the fast path to continued disappointment.

A Lovely Box For Your Toolkit

LHB: Same Story, Different Tune

Uxebu Hangs Their Shingle

Books! It's Raining Books!

"Why Do I need To Sign This?"

Gears De-Brands

Google I/O, In Retrospect

Zend + Dojo: More Than The Sum Of The Parts

Blatantly Mis-Quoting Sublime

App Engine: Most Of The Stuff I Want, None Of The Stuff I Don't

Dojo 1.x: Industrial Strength Open Web Tech

Dojo 1.1: Some Awesome For You App

Progress Is N+1

Updates and Dojo 1.1

SitePen Launches Dojo Support Service


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Clean Licensing: Why You Should Care (If You Don't Already)

Firefox 3 Arrays: No, You're Not Insane

Extending dojo.query()

Big Questions On IE8's Big Progress

Roxer Goes Live!

Dojo Needs Your Projector (and room, and network, and...)! (updated)

How IE Mangles The Design Of JavaScript Libraries

Kris Zyp Joins SitePen

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