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Dojo 1.x: Industrial Strength Open Web Tech

...just ask AOL. James Burke just pinged me to let me know that AOL Webmail has been updated with a slew of new features built using Dojo 1.0. A quick inspection of the app shows all kinds of great stuff including tons of custom widgets as well as extensive use of the Grid. To keep loading of the app quick, AOL is using custom builds to pull Dojo from a CDN and a number of application-specific layers in order to defer loading of code until it's needed. Congrats to the AOL Mail team! It's inspiring to see a site that does billions of page-views a month using Dojo so effectively.

Dojo 1.x is now powering the UI of the world's largest mapping service, one of the world's largest email services, the most useful personal information service anywhere, and the front-end of my favorite RSS reader.

The proof of Dojo 1.x's quality really is in the pudding. Congrats again to the AOL Webmail team!

Update: Travis Vachon also just sent mail to let me know that OSAF's Cosmo project has also released their 0.14.0 version which has also made the upgrade to Dojo 1.0. Congrats, Cosmologists!