Keeping Up

The Dojo community is going at a clip that I can barely follow these days. Notably:

  • Dojo Campus: Nikolai Onken and Peter Higgins have been cranking out tutorials, screencasts, and “dojo cookies” to explain and entertain
  • Matthew Russell, author of the forthcoming O’Reilly Dojo book is blogging up a storm over at OnLamp
  • Robert Coup keeps turning up practical bits about real-world Dojo use and integration

That and a whole lot more comes over the transom via Planet Dojo. Big props to Peter for keeping on top of things an adding new feeds to the Planet as they emerge.

Update: One more for the pile! Tony Issakov’s Dojo Findings blog is worth a read/add, particularly as he’s digging into Dojo+Jaxer

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