Monthly Archives: May 2009

A Quick Word On Dojo and Patents

A relatively light-on-data article is up at Slashdot right now, and it casts aspersions both on the IBMers who contribute to Dojo and on the Foundation itself based on the Free Software party line that all software patents are inherently evil. I won’t address the background point regarding software patents here. I’ll only to say […]

Chrome 2.0: Bam!

No less than the Times has chastised the Chrome team’s marketing efforts, noting unsubtly that for months now we’ve been burying the lead: Chrome’s killer feature isn’t that it’s got an awesome UI (it does) or that it supports new web features…no, the real story that we haven’t been telling well is that it’s wicked […]

On JS “Lambdas”

The ES working group is hard at work on “Harmony”, the goals of which are significantly more sane than previous attempts to build a new language from JavaScript. Namely, they’re being careful to be able to express things in new syntax based on old syntax. This is referred to as “de-sugaring”. Many new bits of […]

Dojo Wins Mobile Slickspeed Shootout

Stefan K. has posted a fascinating run-down of mobile browser performance with regards to JavaScript toolkits. No big shock, but Dojo once again brings home the bacon. I’d love to see these tests re-run with TaskSpeed instead of SlickSpeed, but when you’re doing progressive enhancement it turns out that selector engine performance really matters. Dojo […]