Monthly Archives: June 2009

Benchmarking Is Hard: Reddit Edition

In which I partially defend Microsoft and further lament the state of tech “journalism”. A very short open letter: Dear interwebs: Please stop mis-representing the results of benchmarks. Or, at a minimum, please stop blogging the results in snide language that shows your biases. It makes the scientific method sad. Thank you. Alex Russell Today’s […]

Online Shrinksafe App Fixed

I’m not sure how long it was b0rked, but the online ShrinkSafe app is back up and working.

A Visual History of Dojo

Dojo’s has as long a history as any chunk of JavaScript in wide use, and it’s easy to forget how long the road has been and how far the project has come. Will of the Lucid Desktop project has put together a code_swarm visualization of the project’s history to date. Lots of fun to see […]