Monthly Archives: July 2009


So after receiving a keyboard-lashing from myself and others regarding some comments he made, Chris has walked a lot of it back and bravely noted where his new perspective conflicts with the old. It takes guts to do that. My original comments were born of my frustration the internecine strife that seems to follow every […]

Automated Dojo Layer Builds in ZF 1.9.0 Preview

Early on in discussions with the excellent folks at Zend, one of the possibilities that made everyone in the room excited was the ability to use server-side smarts about client-side work to automate performance optimizations in ZF apps. After lots of great work on getting Dojo integrated, Zend Framework is making that a reality by […]

OSCON Tonight!

Sorry for the late notice, but the inimitable Matthew Russell has organized another event for 7pm tonight (Wed, July 22nd) at O’Flaherty’s pub in San Jose, near the convention center. Should be a great time, so if you’re in the area, hopefully we’ll see you there!