Monthly Archives: April 2009

An Now For Something Entire….Oooh! Shiny!

The Google O3D team just launched and the news stories are already starting to trickle out. Ok, so it’s shiny…but so what? First, O3D embeds V8. This means that while you might be running your O3D code in a browser with a terrible JavaScript engine, or worse, an engine with terrible GC pauses, your O3D […]

Ending The ga.js Wait

Google Analytics is ubiquitous, not least of all because it’s better at what it does than most of the alternatives. Also, it doesn’t require any install or maintenance. And it’s free. What’s not to like? Frankly, not much, but if I had to nit pick, I’d note that the worst part of Google Analytics is […]

Omaha Goes Open Source

Google Updater, aka “Omaha”, has gone Open Source! This is the auto-update system that’s key to keeping Chrome secure by always ensuring that the version you’re running is the freshest it can be. It’s huge for the Omaha team to be out in the open, particularly given how many inaccurate articles have been penned about […]