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Chrome 2.0: Bam!

No less than the Times has chastised the Chrome team's marketing efforts, noting unsubtly that for months now we've been burying the lead: Chrome's killer feature isn't that it's got an awesome UI (it does) or that it supports new web, the real story that we haven't been telling well is that it's wicked fast.

I'm sure all the blags will be a-twitter with this shortly, but Chrome 2.0 is now out to everyone, and it's even faster. Yes, V8 got even more polish (new compiler infrastructure FTW!), but the big speed news from my perspective comes from other parts of the browser. Chrome 2.0 moves fully away from the Windows networking stack to Chrome's faster networking infrastructure and includes changes to memory allocation that make the DOM go like hell. There's lots of great feature work in 2.0, of course, but now's not the time for us to bury the real story: Chrome, fast as it was, just got even faster. Thanks to silent auto-update, it'll even make the web faster faster.