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Comments for Chrome 2.0: Bam!


I mentioned to Pete a few weeks ago that it would be good to also show the browser sample size in TaskSpeed, as I knew questions like this would be asked.

I'll ping him again about it, hopefully it should clear things up.


I don't know, specifically, what would be causing those numbers to turn out like that but I'm guessing it's some combination of low # of visitors and visitors w/ relatively slow systems. On equivalently fast boxen, 2.0 should be faster. If it's not, let me know.


by alex at
Well - not quite *everyone*...


by Nathan Toone at
Still no OS/X?
by Chris at
Taskspeed results favour Chrome 1.0 over 2.0, by quite a large margin. Why do you think this might be?
I don't use Chrome regularly because

A) It makes my disk drive sound like a coffee grinder, accessing continuously as long as Chrome is running.

and B) because I can't get it to support Google Bookmarks. There may be a way but I gave up looking for it. (Go figure ... Google Chrome doesn't support Google Bookmarks.)