Monthly Archives: February 2006


Here are the slides from my talk today at FOSDEM. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Apple is just toying with me

I’m sitting at home feverishly working on new Wiki features in preparation for my ass being out of the proverbial hot seat during FOSDEM, and what shows up in my well-worn maildir? The shipment notification for my new MacBook Pro. I use my laptop for nearly everything and I’ve been frustrated with the speed for […]

Is JavaScript the most successful scripting language ever?

I suck at writing slugs. Regardless, I prattle on. So here’s food for thought: on what measurement scale is JavaScript *not* the most successful scripting language of all time?

Updated DHTML Universe Map

I’ve uploaded updated renderings (pdf or png) of the document I use to keep track of the non-trivial, public DHTML toolkit efforts that have occurred over the years. Interestingly, the difference between this version and previous ones is that many companies are starting to either release or talk about tools that they had quietly built […]