Monthly Archives: January 2006

OSCON ’06 JavaScript/Ajax Track

These are exciting times for JavaScript. Just a couple of years ago, what community was left around JavaScript and DHTML was dying. No one who was seriously interested in doing development with the language back then could have imagined that JavaScript and the yet-to-be-named Ajax would have it’s own track at OSCON, but that’s exactly […]

How IE7 Can Avoid Irrelevance

Amongst professional DHTML developers, the phrase “IE7” tends to draw more eye-rolls and quiet swearing than anticipation or excitement. Here’s a short list of hard problems the IE 7 team will need to solve in order to stem IE’s perception as the new boat-anchor browser.

JavaScript Idioms Every Webdev Should Grok

There is a strange zen of javascript…but it all distills down to a couple core concepts.


Team localization Originally uploaded by niallkennedy. Yesterday I had a chance to attend MashPit. After much deliberation over what should be tackled, a “self organizing” team that included Cal Henderson, Matt Mullenweg, and myself decided to wrestle collaborative localization. It’s one of those problems that doesn’t get much love because when a team (open source […]