Monthly Archives: December 2005

File Upload…without the file?

In a previous post I outlined how easy it is to upload files using Dojo’s pluggable I/O system. By including the IframeIO package, Dojo makes sending forms containing file upload elements is just as easy as making any other Ajax request. But what about when you want to send data as though it were a […]

experiment: drop shadows for Safari

If you’ve got a recent Safari build, give this demo a spin. Being able to do drop shadows without images is a pretty neat trick, but it only works on Safari for now. Firefox 1.5 only has stub functions in it’s <canvas> implementation where it’s shadow property getters and setters should be. I’m working on […]


About a month ago I wrote about the internal tension I feel between learning, doing, and experimentation. Yesterday Jennifer pointed me to a new essay by Paul Graham that hits the nail on the head. I had posited that my tension was between figuring out what is possible and working on things that I *know* […]

File uploading with Dojo

So you want to use Ajax to upload a file…