Monthly Archives: November 2005

Semantically right, practially wrong

About a year ago, I tried to invite PPK to the Dojo project. He declined at the time, stating that he doesn’t find libraries useful, which seemed a reasonable thing to say. If it doesn’t fit his tastes, so be it. Today, however, he went a step further (via ajaxian), stating that neither client side […]

What’s Possible

I worry a lot about not being introduced to enough new things. For the last couple of years I’ve spent most of my professional and personal time on DHTML and JavaScript. While I used to write quite a bit of Python, I now spend my time almost exclusively in some sort of ECMA-262 interpreter, and […]

web two point….oh shit

Every day I mourn suck a little. It’s buoyancy seemed tied to the rising, and eventually draining, tide of New Economy inanity it started amidst. As a recent Silicon Valley arrival, I can only imagine the lunacy that one must have endured just by overhearing the conversations taking place in South Park as a hundred […]

so why *do* I bother?

Frankly, I’m not entirely certain why I blog. I get asked about it from time to time, and I never have a good answer. I guess it’s a value thing. I don’t really think I generate much of value via my blog, so I don’t have a burning need to post or get better at […]