Monthly Archives: March 2006


It’s about the apps. Duh. But when the web is the platform, “cross platform” means “cross browser”. ajaxWrite misses the point. By a country mile.

Fast DOM Queries in Today’s Browsers

What follows is a janky hack. If you do not have the stomach for things that are useful in the real world, please stop reading here. “But it’s not standards compliant!” comments will receive no sympathy. Validatorians, you’ve been warned. If you’re still reading, you’re probably aware of the crappy primitives that the W3C has […]

Those loveable finks

My last attempt to rebuild my mail client of choice on the old Powerbook was something short of thrilling. It was with some trepidation that I moved my data to the new MacBook and attempted to fire up kmail. Thanks to the magic of rosetta, it worked. I was, in a word, stunned. But I […]

Conference Wrap Up

I tend not to take a lot of pictures at conferences. Or blog much when I’m at them. In fact, it’s usually not discernible that I’m at a conference except that I’m not doing all the other stuff I normally do. I’m not sure why. I always bring a camera (sometimes more than one), I […]