Monthly Archives: September 2008

ZendCon Notes

I gave a talk on Dojo Wednesday at ZendCon, and when I walked into the room for the talk, there was some disorder as the conference center staff were taking out the tables to fit more chairs in. Even with the extra space, the room was totally packed, thanks in large part to the amazing […]

Matthew Russell Keeps The Good Stuff Coming

Matthew Russell, author of ORA’s “Dojo: The Definitive Guide” now has a companion blog where he’s posting new widgets complete with screencasts to explain them clearly. His awesome first outing includes a neat reflection widget that builds on AOL’s high-performance CDN hosting of Dojo and practices what Dojo preaches about pragmatic progressive enhancement. Awesome stuff!

By The Numbers

Note: contents of this post is after the jump due to its political nature.

Thank Goodness…

…for Mark Thoma. Note: the rest of this post is after the jump due to it’s political nature.