Monthly Archives: August 2008

Dojo’s Query System: No, Really, It’s That Fast

As outlined by JQuery lead John Resig in this post, it’s hard not to notice how much Dojo’s query engine stomps on the the competition on current browsers. Dojo will load even quicker when we’re able to remove the XPath branch in the query engine which is currently only being kept on life support for […]

Name Soup

There still seems to be an amazing amount of FUD going around regarding the Harmony announcement. There is clearly a very different perspective from those who have been sitting inside the WG for the past year (as Kris Zyp and I have been lucky to). Inside the WG, the change seems a welcome way to […]

Harmony Fallout

Lets end the silly meme that “Adobe lost” or that “Microsoft won”. The game has hardly begun and it won’t be settled in a standards body anyway.

Thoughts on Harmony

So the announcement about “Harmony” is up over at Ajaxian. Long story short: this is really good news. I won’t get into the background on this since at this point it doesn’t matter and much of it is embargoed behind ECMA rules anyway, but here are the key points from my perspective: ES 3.1 is […]