Monthly Archives: October 2008 Is Up!

My warmest thanks and a hearty “congrats!” to the Uxebu crew and Dylan for getting the new site up and running: The new site is important for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a good step in the direction of working to make clear that Dojo-the-javascript-toolkit and Dojo-the-foundation are completely separate entities with different […]

Why Are We Even Having This Discussion?

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Greg On Licensing

Greg Wilkins hits the nail squarely on the head: At Webtide, we sell developer advice, custom development and production support for jetty and dojo cometd. We don’t expect our clients to buy our services because of some sort of guilt trip from the value they obtain from those projects. We expect our clients to pay […]

delegate(), delegate(), delegate()

My MBP batteries keep dying after about a year (each). I usually have 2 that I tote around with me, and each tends to be good for 1.5-2hrs of actual work. This means that I tend not to be able to work through a cross-country flight, and particularly not if I need a VM for […]