Monthly Archives: March 2008

Dojo 1.1: Some Awesome For You App

I could go on for a long, long time about what’s great in Dojo 1.1…but I’ll spare you most of that. James, Pete, Dylan, and the release notes can give you a strong sense of why Dojo 1.1 is the most polished, fastest, and easiest-to-use release of Dojo we’ve ever done. For the impatient, you […]

Progress Is N+1

Not sure how I got there, but I just stumbled over this bit of dark humor at Joel Spolsky’s expense, and in reading it I was reminded of a discussion last Friday where I voiced my frustration that as much as IE 8 looks to be a good point release, we know next to nothing […]

Matthew Russell, author of ORA’s forthcoming Dojo: The Definitive Guide has a new OnLAMP post up about Dojo’s animation system which really helps to clarify what all those parameters are for and take advantage of composition of animations Pete Higgins has an excellent article up that covers dojo.hitch(), and in general the Dojo Cookies series […]

SitePen Launches Dojo Support Service

SitePen has been building an amazing team and today we’re bringing a little of that team to a lot more of the Dojo world. As part of the relaunch of, we’ve unveiled our new support offerings (the available packages are here). For some time now SitePen has been offering consulting to firms using Dojo, […]