Monthly Archives: February 2008

Clean Licensing: Why You Should Care (If You Don’t Already)

I’ve written before about the importance of clean licensing to an Open Source project, but one of the things I didn’t cleanly outline is the case for clean licensing from the point of users. Understanding why clean licensing is valuable to users helps to further cement why it’s valuable to projects, and why well-run projects […]

Firefox 3 Arrays: No, You’re Not Insane

I just spent 20 minutes in IRC with Wolfram staring down one of those situations where you keep swearing under your breath “println isn’t broken….println isn’t broken….println is NOT broken”. Catch this fun gem from FF3b2: >>> typeof [] “object” >>> var a = []; >>> var b = new Array(); >>> a.constructor == b.constructor […]

Extending dojo.query()

As you probably know, Dojo is layered, extensible, and our philosophy of “build with, not on” means that we give you all of the same tools and extension points that we use in our code for use by your app. Dojo’s got 2 “sides”, namely the bits that make working with the DOM better and […]

Big Questions On IE8’s Big Progress

So IE is the first browser out of the gate to do something sane about rendering engine locking to content…and good on them for it. Now we need to know a couple more details to see if it’s going to have real legs: What is the precedence for resolution of conflicting rules? If the compatible […]