Monthly Archives: September 2007

Keeping Up With Dojo

Dojo’s a big community. There are lots of independent projects going on, and great work is landing somewhere nearly every day. To keep on top of it, there are a couple of things I check almost hourly: Planet Dojo: There’s a lot of great blogging going on in the Dojo community, and I make sure […]

CSS 3: A Giant Serving Of FAIL

In my “Standards Heresy” talk I noted pretty bluntly that CSS 3 is a joke. A sad, sick joke being perpetrated by people who clearly don’t build actual web apps. If the preponderance of the working group did, we’d already have useful things like behavioral CSS being turned into recommendations and not turds like CSS […]

The Browser.Next List

Thanks to the Ajaxian’s for linking my last post on the topic of what we need from IE. As I’ve been responding to the comments, it occured to me that it’s not quite fair to poke IE in the eye when there are issues (like WYSIWYG) where we need the help of all the browser […]

Open Komodo! Huzzah!

It’s somewhat inexcusable of me to not have blogged about the release of Open Komodo. Very few of the Web IDE vendors seem to really “get” the web, and along with the folks at Aptana and Panic, the ActiveState bunch have impressed the hell out of me with their constant support of Open Source, deep […]