Monthly Archives: August 2007

0.9 On The March

Last week we released Dojo 0.9, and while we’re excited at how well it performs, how easy it is to use, etc. but the proof is in the apps. In particular, Plaxo Pulse, AOL’s TinyBuddy (app here) and the new Bloglines beta are all 0.9 based and the experience really shows it. They’re all “data […]

Sweet Gig

SitePen is hiring. To be honest, SitePen is usually hiring, so why the blog post? Because I’m hiring for a SitePen R&D Associate. This isn’t your average programming job. Not only will all the work from this new position be released as Open Source software,it’s a self-directed research job. Combined with SitePen’s completely-virtual structure, you […]