Monthly Archives: July 2007

Lost and Found

Scott Beale’s Paradise Lost party was outstanding. Jennifer and I have kind of “dropped out” of the Web2.0 scene for lots of very obvious reasons, but every now and again it’s wonderful to see everyone. Folks were bummed about the lack of the planned fire displays (darned city permitting!), but the Photo Boof was awesome.

“…unless acted upon by an outside force”

I’m back from OSCON, and while I spent more time holed up in my hotel room working on slides than I would have liked, it was a thought-provoking trip. OSCON, unlike a lot of conferences, does a great job of getting “the right people on the bus” by not tying itself to a particular technology. […]

Various Notes

First, I’m gonna be at OSCON the same week that TAE is going down. If you were counting on me buying you beer while in SF, you’ll have to collect from Dylan (he’s good for it) or one of the other Dojo’s. Next, can y’all please stop conflating Comet with a particular HTTP-level mechanism for […]


I was lucky enough to attend Foo Camp again this year. Like last year, its left my head so full of ideas, interactions, and permutations on themes that it has taken me a week and a half just to work through enough of the ideas to be able to start writing about them. I didn’t […]