Keeping Up With Dojo

Dojo’s a big community. There are lots of independent projects going on, and great work is landing somewhere nearly every day. To keep on top of it, there are a couple of things I check almost hourly:

  • Planet Dojo: There’s a lot of great blogging going on in the Dojo community, and I make sure I don’t miss any of it by making sure that Planet Dojo is in my RSS reader. If you’ve got a Dojo or JS/Ajax blog that you think should be added, let me know in the comments.
  • Dojo’s website tracker: From new forum posts to blog updates to documentation and book changes, the tracker system gives you a birds-eye view of everything happening on the Dojo website. It’s actually the only interface I use for the forums.
  • Trac timeline: watching my own bug queue is no fun, but watching how the entire project is marching along gives me lots of hope. New bugs, fixed issues, and every checkin is logged in the trac timeline.