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The Browser.Next List

Thanks to the Ajaxian's for linking my last post on the topic of what we need from IE. As I've been responding to the comments, it occured to me that it's not quite fair to poke IE in the eye when there are issues (like WYSIWYG) where we need the help of all the browser vendors to get something useful done. That in mind, here's my generic Browser.Next list of 10 issues that would give Ajax libraries a break and let app authors worry less.

It should be noted, first, that these issues are designed to be small, (relatively) easily implemented point solutions to accute problems. They are intentionally not on the scale of "add a new tag for..." some feature or "standardize and implement XBL" or even "make renderers pluggable". While those would all be good, the current pace of browser progress makes me think they're beyond the pale.

This list also tries to avoid vendor-specific issues (of which there are a pile, and many of them may be much more pressing on a per-browser basis than the below issues). Lastly, I'm also not asking for standardization of these things in short order (although it's clearly preferable). We DHTML hackers are hearty folk. We'll take whatever they give us, but we could deliver much, much better developer and end-user experiences if only the browser vendors would all give us:

So that's my list...what's on yours? What am I forgetting? And how should we organize to ask the vendors for these in a way that will really stick?