Monthly Archives: June 2005

something’s coming

People ask me a lot “so, is there anyone using Dojo to build applications?” and I say “yes”. They then ask “who?” and I start looking at my feet and muttering, hoping they think they misheard me and will therefore not press the issue. Well, I can almost stop muttering and mumbling. It’s coming. I […]

…it even quacks like an application…

So I joined Jot about 6 months ago, and shortly after I joined I found myself at lunch with Graham (among others). As I started to ask questions about how the system worked, it seemed like every sentence that I’d start as a question, he’d finish with “yes, and it also…”. It is, in short, […]

measuring project size

A day or two ago, I was chatting with Aaron and Java came up for some reason. At the same time, I was having to re-checkout a ton of code thanks to Eclipse getting “confused”. Watching the checkout files fly by, I couldn’t help but notice how many times the word “junit” kept going by […]

soooooo tired

Despite making some serious headway on the Dojo memory leak issues, my head is entirely enshrouded in a sleep-deprived fog. Really need to do something about it.