Monthly Archives: July 2005

No rest for the unprepared

Hot on the heels of OSCON, I’m going to be speaking at SDForum’s Emereging Tech Sig. The talk will be more Dojo-specific than the others, so if you’re in the bay area and have been wondering how in the world this stuff can help you and your apps, this is as good a chance as […]

The Tyranny of Validation

What people do care about is whether or not your stuff works for them. Validating your markup isn’t getting you any closer to that.

taking this show on the road

Like Aaron, I’m going to be speaking at OSCON next month. Somehow I’ve managed to get myself roped into doing both a talk and a tutorial (although my name’s not on the tutorial page yet). I’m excited and scared at the same time. Since I’m not exactly certain what to talk about at my talk, […]

JS everywhere

I often refer to JavaScript as “the trojan horse of languages”. You think you’re getting a browser or another type of programming tool (Java, .NET, Windows), but what you”re unwittingly getting is *also* a JavaScript interpreter. The practical upshot of this is that JavaScript is probably the world’s most widely deployed scripting language. Ever. I […]