Monthly Archives: April 2002

I have half a mind to move to South Carolina just so I can vote against Fritz Hollings. The man aparently hasn’t seen a favor he couldn’t turn down (so long as a large check from a large corporation follows close behind). The act (as proposed) is detestable. In the 70’s when privacy protection laws […]

Woohoo! I’ve just accepted a position with SecurePipe and I’ll be moving within a week and a half to Madison. Color me elated =)

Paul has put up a list of his likes/dislikes in email. Over time I’ve seen various articles of this sort from people who read gobs and gobs of mail, and the similarities between them are striking. Almost makes me want to write a utility for a mail client that would put a little bar next […]

The netWindows team is going to be releasing 0.2.4 in a couple of days. My roomate convinced me of the need for another point release in the 0.2.x line and at this point I have to say I agree with him 100%. Sometimes I find that “release early, release often” is easier said than done. […]