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I fixed a couple of nagging problems with my linux install today: I got accelerated X working for my GeForce 2, I fixed KDM so it uses a background that I acutally like (as opposed to the default SuSE one), and I got KDE 3 (final) installed. Having 3D capable X makes me feel better about the box as a whole, not that I use 3D apps a lot, but the idea that I didn't have control over my own box annoys me. I'm happy to report that glxgears runs like a bat out of hell on a 1.4GHz processor =)

I think I've also turned Matt into a KDE convert, which can't be bad. It's not just eye-candy, it's good software, and that's what I like best about it.

Now I just have to scrape togeather enough dough to replace this bad DIMM...