Monthly Archives: March 2002

To my astonishment, the majority of the netWindows core scripts function without problem on Konqueror 2.99. That’s a long way from having widgets and a content loading system that work on that browser, but it’s a couple hundred percent more than I expected to be functional. Guess it’s proof that if you code defensively and […]

Had dinner with CJ tonight as we went grocery shopping (I know, how romantic). Anyway, it came up that I don’t mention her (or anyone else I know that doesn’t have a web page) in my weblog, and she wondered why. Which, I guess is a good question. So why don’t I talk about these […]

Last night I gave a presentation on netWindows to the Purdue Web Development Club. Slides are available in PDF format.

SourceForge seems to have settled back down of late, which is good. All the stats appear to be correct now and the CVS server is seemingly quicker than normal. netWindows as a whole has been languashing in a sea of travel and work, but spending some quality time with pyMail and the documentation re-orginization are […]