Monthly Archives: February 2002


SA just posted something about web services that got me thinking. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been getting cozy with a couple of R. Steven’s excellent network programming books and some other papers and the like on security and security programming. Which gets me thinking about network security. Which gets me thinking about […]

Anyone that knows me knows that ICANN (which should be renamed “ICANN-BUTYOUCANT”) is among my 5 or 6 largest peeves of all time. Heck, I’ve even written term papers and the like about it. ICANN rubs me wrong in ways I didn’t even know annoyed me. Adding idiocy to injury, this past weekend it was […]

Note to whoever is in charge over at CNN: Pay more attention to your internet-division interns. If you did, they’d tell you that scrolling things across a screen died in 1997 (except for stock tickers). Or at least it should have. Problem is that now in addition to the pretty, vapid talking head which is […]