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0.2.3 Compressed

0.2.3 compressed is released. Why, you ask, would I want this over the regular 0.2.3 release? Glad you it just so happens, I have an answer for that:

lots of people notice the sheer size of netWindows when they first beign developing with it. Uncompressed, the core scripts weigh in at roughly 88K. That's bigger than most people want their entire page to be, let alone their DHTML API. The "compressed" versions of the codebase remove all whitespace and comments (and I mean all), reducing the size of the core scripts to a more manageable 54K. This is still pretty big, but keep in mind that the entire thing is cached in the browser so that each subsequent netWindows page in a given domain doesn't incurr the same penalty.

The compressed release is a direct replacement for your current netWindows installations, so just grab the archive, un(g)zip it and you're good to go!