Monthly Archives: May 2002

Required reading for those who aren’t (yet) paranoid about their net usage.

More about SigSlot: I’ve been emailed by a couple of people pointing out to me that the DOM’s addEventListener does pretty much the same thing, and this is in part true. If you are dealing only with DOM nodes and care only about pre-defined events that can be generated by them, then addEventListner is the […]

Looks like Scott linked to my little thinger about signals and slots, which means that I should probably put in a link to our JavaScript implementation if signals and slots (syntax colored source). If you have questions about how to make this work, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Last night I checked in our first port of the NW codebase to use signals and slots for almost all event mechanisms. I’m sure someone is going to get rather annoyed that in 3 major releases, we will have changed the event mechanism twice, but I honestly beleive that it’s a step and a half […]