Monthly Archives: August 2002

for those unacquainted with the wonderful thing that is ‘fortune”, it’s a unix program that (if you configure it to) can spit out some random peice of wit or humor every time you log into a shell. As I do this very often (tens of times a day), I get exposed to lots of little […]

X-wing doesn’t work under wineX. It installs just fine, but that’s about the long and the short of it. Once you start it up, it perpetually asks you to install DirectX 3, and won’t let you get past it. Kind of annoying. I’ve now got a joystick that I don’t have a use for just […]

So Buddy Guy was phenomenal. Absolutely outstanding. If you get a chance to see him, go do it. He puts on a wonderful show and the band he’s got touring with him is top notch. Blues the way it should be = ) I just borrowed X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (yeah, the old school one) […]

Seems like summer’s almost gone now. The students returned to Madison last week and treated the city to a very special kind of pademonium. Apparently everybody’s leases end on August 14th and none of the new leases start until the 15th. As a result there are a couple of days where it’s possible to decorate […]