Monthly Archives: October 2001

The event handler problem is (more or less) solved. Instead of the hacked up solutions I was proposing below, I’ve come up with a (possibly) better hacked up solution. What I’m proposing is that NW should define all event handlers needed to run the environment page for the page writer. No fuss, no ungodly long […]

So I just got out of a poly-sci exam. Allow me to relate the tale… I overslept this morning, deftly sleeping through latin (and I wasn’t there, making it worse). When I awoke, it was nearly noon. Not a good thing. My class starts at noon. Damnit. On the upside, the bus doesn’t come ’till […]

Good ideas are rarely convenient. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to clean up the requirements that NW places on body tags for pages. Similarly, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make keystroke events fire for the “selected” component, and nothing else, and today it hit me. Instead of writing: onLoad=”__NW_env__.init();” onmousemove=”__NW_env__.setCurrXY(event); […]

It occured to me yesterday that the netWindows site doesn’t practice what it preaches. It’s more or less a static site with a NW toolbar at the top. How utterly dull. I think that moving to an XML or database backend with some python or PHP in the middle talking to a netWindows component really […]