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So I just got out of a poly-sci exam. Allow me to relate the tale...

I overslept this morning, deftly sleeping through latin (and I wasn't there, making it worse). When I awoke, it was nearly noon. Not a good thing. My class starts at noon. Damnit.

On the upside, the bus doesn't come 'till 12:08 or so, so I've got 2 minutes to find socks, pants, a shirt that doesn't smell or look too bad, and schlep down to the bus stop. I find clothes (after a fashion) and make it down to the bus just in time. Now you see, my class is on the "far" side of campus as far as the bus route is concerned, so despite the fact that I got on the bus at like 12:10, I didn't actually get to class until 12:24. Remeber the exam started at noon. On the dot. I think I'm sunk.

So I arrive to class to find like 4 people left out of the 50 or so who normally attend. The prof hands me the exam and the scantron form. 12 minutes later, I hand them both back to him.

You know, I had expected more from some of my classes. I mean, this is a collage education I'm supposed to be getting, right?

I don't go to that class half the time because I know that if I show up every third class, read a bit, and attend at least one review session, I'll be able to ace the quizes and exams.