Monthly Archives: November 2001

netWindows needs a way to talk to servers genericaly. The parser and the loading scripts are a great interim solution, but I think what really needs to happen is some ready-to-roll extension of the two that can allow for XML data later. And it has to implement (and allow extension of) a subscribe-notify repository for […]

It’s nice to know that you’re not just smoking crack sometimes. Today I found another site with a pageloading script similar to NW’s, but they break it out and call it an “http buffer”, or something. Anyway, basic principle is the same as with NW, you load content into a specified element via a hidden […]

0.2.3 pre4 is out. bah humbug, time for sleep. A whole 2 hours of it. Tomorrow (well, today, really) isn’t going to be pretty.

More fun netWindows news. The two files that were required to be included in 0.2.2 (NW_config.js and script_registry.js) have now been replaced with a single file, netWindows.js. Instead of needing a seperate copy of NW_config.js for each directory in which you want to launch NW from, simply include netWindows.js using a relative URL from the […]