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New Server

netWindows is moving soon. We have a brand-spanking new server on a fast pipe and I have all the control a geek could ever want (FreeBSD+root makes for a happy Alex). I expect system configuration and lockdown to take about a week's worth of spare time given that I'm also working against a deadline on netWindows documentation and a frigging bear of a project at work. Project contributors can petition me for a shell before then.

There has been a bit of discussion on the mailing list about moving CVS in addition to our other project services (mail, shell, web, DNS, etc...). The plan right now is to migrate CVS and host a new Perforce repository for burstlib on our own systems from the get-go. SourceForge has given us a lot of good things in the past couple of years, but the recent move to put anonymous CVS on a 24hr delay from HEAD is more than I want to deal with. Our hack of putting in a read-only CVS user ("sfsucks" for the curious) was something of a last straw.

Michael Flanagan has repeatedly sent me patches which keep bouncing off of me. I feel like a total tool about that. Perhaps I'll get them integrated when I get a network connection from home again.


Archiving this for my own reference. I wish I'd found this about a year ago. I've since learned the need to give good (and frequent) status information to the PHB, but this has some excellent tips for actually managing to do it well.

Running Silent

No more updates for a while, most likely. I'm moving, trying to avoid getting sued by a multinational corporation, and flying to see a sick relative this weekend. All of that leaves me with scant time to blog. Sorry!

Hanging In There

I'll keep my hanging chads, thank you very much.

Enviable Problems

Back from yet another long weekend, and the patch load just doesn't seem to be going down any.

Here's to enviable problems.

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