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An ANT build script for netWindows!


Nothing like a pissed off historian.

No sir, nothing quite like it.

Updated Standalone SigSlot

I've updated the Signals and Slots library package.

This update includes fixes for a problem that prevented calls to signals from returning the value returned by the signal method as well as expanded documentation, a new makefile, and a new README file that includes something like a changelog.

A new feature with this release is the addition of a flag (sig.lock) that toggles whether or not slots will be called when a signal is emitted. Setting sig.lock to true will have the general effect of turning the signals and slots mechanism off.

As always, please contact me if you've got problems, suggestions, or just want to tell me how you're using the library.


I've released a stand-alone version of the netWindows Signals and Slots library with documentation. This version improves upon previous versions of the library by allowing totally transparent emitting of Signals. You can get it here.


I got my copy of Practical Cryptography yesterday, and so far my expectations have been met. It's what you'd expect if several of the world's foremeost cryptographers walked down out of their ivory math towers and started talking about the dirty details of how to make a crypto system really work. They don't pull any punches, and they call a spade a spade (which even too few security people are willing to do).

Neat stuff. I'm sure I'll write more about it.

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