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Monroe St. in Madison (South of Regent) continues to put a smile on my face every week or so.

When I first moved here, I was just out of school with very little money and even fewer kitchen tools. I think I had one knife that you could actually use to cut something harder than butter (not including the Swiss Army Knife, of course).

Having found an over-large but under-loved appartment on the North side of the Isthmus a week earlier, I decided that what I really needed was a potato peeler. I don't remember why, but I recall wanting a good one. These are the kinds of decisions you fret about when you've been using your parents hand-me-down flatware for 2 years and your first "real" paycheck is on the way. Anyway, someone at work (Josh?) told me one evening that there was a shop that carried really nice stuff somewhere down by the University and that if I liked to cook at all, I should really check it out. Some scribbled directions and a small prayer that they were still open later, I was off. Without too much trouble, I found Orange Tree Imports and a really nifty little block or two that keeps reminding me that this town isn't a backwater.

More recently I've discovered that Monroe St. is home to my favorite tennis store and a really neat little deli that makes a mean corned beef sandwich. Tomorrow I'm going to take a painting that my sister made to be framed at a little shop a couple of doors down from the deli. I didn't even know it was there until I walked by it today. Then there's the wine shop and the coffee shop. They're all little places; moderately traveled in a very Madison-ish neighborhood but togeather they give you some vague feeling of what living in a real neighborhood (not the manufactured 'burb or New Urbanist kind) must be like. Until then, I guess I'll just visit for lunch once or twice a week and take my raquets in to be strung by a small guy with a thick Sweedish accent.

And if you're ever looking for a peeler, Zyliss makes one so good that you'll forget you're doing prep work. Incidentially, I know this little place where you can get one...


Great! Next up: Kraft Frut, just like real fruit, but it's shelf stable for 3 decades, comes in "fun" packaging, has been reprocessed to remove any semblence of nutritional value, and best of all, it's from Kraft!

Oh, but it's smaller now. Yeah. That'll help.


netWindows just got faster.

CVS HEAD should show noticable performance improvements thanks to patches from Mark Anderson and some work by myself to remove un-necessaray eval() statements. Users making heavy use of inline constructors and nwAppId attributes will benefit most.


Oooh. The new blogger supports SFTP.

Makes my security-conscious noggin all warm and fuzzy to see that kind of thing = )


My hosting provider just got owned. There will be some problems with this site and my mail as I move off of them onto a dedicated box.


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