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KMail, OSX, and GPG

So I'm loving Kmail on the OS X box, save for one minor (ok, so not really minor) hangup: GPG integration seems borked. It seems that even though my GPG keys are correctly placed, Kmail doesn't know how to use GPG in to encrypt mail. So now I'm halfway through re-building Kmail (and half of KDE) from source via fink. Here's to hoping.

Mail Matters

Now that I'm mobile, mail is becomming a major concern. 'Till now, I've been able to get away with having a couple of accounts which were checked via POP3 from a single box. Mail would get backed up from that box, and I'd run my client from that system. This worked very well when I had DSL, but since my last move that hasn't been an option.

The laptop compounds the problem somewhat as I want my mail to be both acessible offline and sync'd with my desktop so that I have the same "picture" of the outside world from my mail client at all times, no matter where I check my mail from. My initial thought was to see if would do what I need, but alas it stores mail in mbox files. Perhaps the most broken/brain-dead way of storing mail ever, so that wasn't an option.

Next, what about Kmail under Fink? This seemed good, as I use/like Kmail everywhere else (save work, where we some massicistic tendancy dictates that pine is only acceptable MUA). Installing Kmail via Fink was straight-forward. Apt still rocks muchly. It's funny how often I forget how cool it is when I'm on a distro that doesn't use it. One problem though...Kmail wouldn't start. Hard crash...bus error. Not good.

A quick google turned up a problem with the QT libraries for Fink under OS X, meaning that I had to trying QT 3.2.1 out of unstable and hold my breath. I almost turned blue waiting for QT to compile, but once built Kmail works beautifuly. A quick scp of my primary maildir and the options files for kmail and we are ready to rock. A mobile, non-sucky, rsync-able mail solution at last. I'm a happy camper.

I'll probably have some thoughts on Safari when I get a chance to play with it more, but I really love the way the overflow: auto; problem is fixed and how spell checking is built in. Oh, and JavaScript debuging info to the console in the default build is a frigging godsend compared to Konqueror. There are some negatives, but overall it's the browser I knew Konq could be. Now if only we could get some OpenSource SVG support.

Oh, and for the $129 price of entry, VirtualPC kicks ass. Installing RedHat in a VM was a snap, and it's reasonably useful, even with a relatively limited 512 meg of ram. Very cool.

Long Personal Nightmare

I'll have notes on my Q-mail/vmailmgr/FreeBSD nightmare soon. Long story short: if another person ever decides that they are going to develop their own super-daemon system for Unix, everyone that ever wrapped their mind around svc/supervise will be so, so sad.

First (Mobile) Post!

My mobile transformation is (more or less complete). This is my first post from my new G4 laptop over the data connection from my cell phone. Mobile development, here I come = )


I finally did it. I finally ordered a laptop.

15" aluminum PowerBook with the 5400 RPM hard drive and half a gig of ram in a single SODIMM so I can slap another gig in when the price comes down a bit more. I think it's safe to say that we'll have much better Safari compatibility for the next NW release.

I actually feel sorry for my friends. I'm going to be (even more) insufferable for the next 3 weeks.

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