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Feeling rather ill, but chugging away on Dojo none the less.

While my head has been enshrouded in fog and code, the world has been moving on without me. Notably, Joyce has finally announced her soft landing at CommerceNet's zLab, after months of wooing by some of the largest and most promising companies in the Bay Area. Congrats Joyce!

In other news, Aaron is in town for the week, hopefully I'll get to buy him a beer. Matt was very kind and invited people over to his place a couple of nights back (hopefully he'll post photos of the "christmas column" soon).

...and we just stared. and laughed. akwardly.

Names have been omitted to protect the inappropriate:

nameless person 1: "so, did you guys hear about this guy that comitted suicide at ground zero?"
random person: "I heard he was upset about the election"
nameless person 2: "so was that before or after Bush did a victory lap around it?"
everyone: stares

Repubsub lives!

After much delay, procrastination, and licensing hoo-hah, Repubsub is out!

Demo is here


So I'm starting to use Flickr, and loving it.

Hurray for Ludicorp!

new camera (again)

So Leonard's visit up to the city a couple of weeks ago made me start thinking seriously again about buying a digital SLR camera. About 7 months ago, I bought an EX-P600 for our vacation in Japan and it takes some great pictures. OTOH, it's low-light capability isn't exactly what I was hoping for, and there were a lot of times when I just felt myself wanting more control (more quickly).

The thing that really sent me over the edge, though, has been the month that my EX-P600 has been at Casio for repairs. Not having a camera was just making me cringe.

Anyway, so yesterday when Jennifer was at a book signing, I went across the street to Wolf camera, and got myself into big trouble. After about an hour of looking, using, and learning about most of the lower-end SLR options, I finally went with the EOS-300D and a 2GB microdrive. Since I don't feel comfortable enough with an SLR yet to warrant the expense of a different lense, I'm using the one that came with the package. The one thing that almost drew me to the Nikkon D70 was its instant-on ability (the 300D is actually slower to "go" than my EX-P600). Regardless, the UI on the Cannon seemed nicer. Now hopefully I can just learn to control my breathing enough to get rid of the seemingly ever-present hand-jitter in my photos.

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